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The rosin revolution is here. PurePressure’s industry leading rosin press technology sets the standard for what’s possible with solventless extractions. We’re a 100% employee owned business that is dedicated to perfecting solventless extraction.

Industry Leading Rosin Presses & Solventless Extraction Technology

We believe that solventless concentrates are a good thing for patients, for personal enjoyment, and for businesses to produce for everyone on the planet. PurePressure’s singular focus is on bringing you the best of the best in rosin presses and all types of solventless extraction technology.

We’ve built our reputation by making the best rosin presses and solventless processing accessories on the market since 2015. From the 5 ton flagship Pikes Peak V2 rosin press, to its 8 ton cousin the Longs Peak, PurePressure is dedicated to the art of rosin pressing and all things solventless extraction. We are also now proudly offering our two smaller manual rosin presses, the Helix and the Helix Pro, which are built with all of the same technology as our Commercial rosin presses but in a smaller form factor. 

PurePressure is proud to also provide the world’s first truly automated rosin press option, which dramatically increase the efficiency and throughput of any solventless rosin operation. This is available for both the Pikes Peak V2 and Longs Peak, and enables any user to create the type of press they’d like to do and let the rosin press do the rest. 

We manufacture all of our rosin presses at our factory in Denver, Colorado from the highest quality parts available, sourcing all of our core components from other US manufactured specialty companies. Both the Pikes Peak V2 and Longs Peak rosin presses can be operated vertically or horizontally and help you ensure you’re making the best rosin possible. The Helix and Helix Pro rosin presses easily sit on any table, anywhere, and do not require an air compressor to run. Have more questions? Make sure contact us so that our experts can answer all of your questions. Interested in videos? Check out our YouTube channel here!