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Our mission is to spread solventless extraction worldwide by bringing to market best in class products whether you need a rosin press at home or you’re looking to start your very own lab. Our products are sold in over 300 stores domestically and internationally. We look to elevate complementary brands, working as a distribution partner for many companies in the industry. We have built fulfillment centers on three continents, in seven different countries to effectively deliver products to our customers. Our passion for solventless medicine is at the heart of everything we do.

ou will obtain excellent results with the “small” Graspresso model from Graveda by achieving a pressure of 1,000 psi (pounds per square inch) in an area of 3 x 4 cm. For larger quantities, just make several passes. In this way, the results you get are as impressive as the ones from his “big brother” (Check other press models on our website just in case).

This Rosin Press from Graveda contains a 5 Ton hydraulic cylinder. Practical, robust, durable and solid materials have been used in this occasion. The compression force of the cylinder can reach up to 4.87 tons of pressure according to the results of the tests that were carried out by our specialists before the product release.